Rocking Seats - schommelstoel - chaise berçante - sedia a dondolo - stillsessel - rocking chair - fauteuil à bascule rockingchair
Rocking Seats - schommelstoel - chaise berçante - sedia a dondolo - stillsessel - rocking chair - fauteuil à bascule rockingchair

Your rocking chair, the best seat in the house


Rocking Seats creates
timeless, elegant and
high-quality rocking chairs.

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Inspired by mothers,
for mothers.
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Our main product, the rocking chair, is designed for parents and their babies to enjoy special moments together! Comforting, feeding, cuddling, playing, reading… In our collection you will find both modern and traditional styles with their characteristic soft and pure colours. Take a look – there is something for everyone.

It is our mission to make timeless, elegant and high-quality furniture allowing every parent to create a place to welcome and cherish their baby. Thanks to Rocking Seats, this can be done in style and with comfort.

By the way, did you know that rocking has many benefits?

Developmental benefits for your baby

Babies are not born with a sense of balance. It needs to be developed. Gentle, slow and rhythmic rocking is one of the best early activities you can offer to build a foundation for balance. Gentle rocking enhances the development of the balance organ and improves coordination.

Emotional benefits

The rocking motion creates a special bond between parent and baby. It’s like magic! Cradling is an amazing experience, even in the middle of the night… Rocking is not only soothing for your little one but also super relaxing for you.

A rocking chair encourages feeding your baby

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it doesn’t matter, rocking improves coordination and enhances sucking making feeding more successful.

Encourages sleep of your baby

Give your baby a warm bath first and afterwards settle down in our rocking chair for a peaceful time together. These are precious moments where memories are written for life!

Post partum weight loss

Great news for mom, on top of all these benefits you also burn 150 calories per hour… One less drink or brownie you have to pass up.

But above all rocking is relaxing, so give your rocking chair a central place, because as you read, it will be used often. A rocking seat is the must-have for every baby and children’s room. It will make memories that will last a lifetime!