Royal Rocking Chair

The Royal Rocking Chair is an elegant rocking chair with a high back support. It is ideally suited for a stylish baby room.

At Rocking Seats, we offer you different types of rocking chairs. Whether you choose a modern rocking chair, a Scandinavian style armchair or go for a more classic style, Rocking Seats has a rocking chair to offer for all interior styles…

But a rocking chair must not only be beautiful, it must also be comfortable. This way, all family members can have a pleasant time in the chosen rocking chair.

Every mother, father, grandparent, brother or sister knows what it means to sit in a rocking chair: being together around a book or feeding a baby his bottle. Now, but also later, when the children are older, the rocking chair is still the nicest chair at home!

In addition to comfort, aesthetics is also important. Often a rocking chair starts in the baby’s room and then, when the children are older, moves to other rooms such as the living room. That is why our classic or rather modern rocking chairs are available in different colours. So the choice is yours, do you prefer a white rocking chair or do you want a pink rocking chair? We have them all!

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  • Oxford rocking chair
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